Easily Heard Signals

Found Something Extra

Extra Study GuideFound this in my mailbox. I must have ordered it. Yeah, I think I did. Getting old...

Ha! Just kidding. I am only as old as I want to believe. 

I was thinking of an aniversary coming up next year. Fifty years as an amateur radio operator and station owner. It about time I do something Extra. To me that means qualify for the Extra Class amateur radio ticket. It's only a 50 question exam these days.

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It’s the Small Things

DSC07621My computer interest is turning back to the small microchip processor such as the Parallax products. Writing small computer code and having total control what it does has always been one of my best life experiences. From the very early days of my computer experience, this is what is most enjoyable.

I don’t get as much enjoyment from running just a store-bought application. I enjoy using the computer but the MOST enjoyment is seeing you own thought processes being executed. Tweaking the basic code to do exactly what is personally desired.

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Dusting and Cleaning

Radeon 5450 PCIEAn update to the station computer has been completed. It is a Linux Ubuntu OS and is named "Sandbox". Linux asks for a computer name when first installed.

A new video card was added to the system. The onboard (built-in) video has been used since day one. It was and can do everything needed as far as a station computer. But I share the computer with my 8 year old granddaughter when she visits and she (and I) play Minecraft with it.

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