Easily Heard Signals

New Website URL

W5EHS has been re-located to a new web-server. It's invisible to the user (you). We have moved from a server on the East Coast of the USA to one (or more) on the West Coast.

About a year ago there was a hostile takeover (at least in my mind as one of the clients) of my original ISP web-account (servers in Ohio). All my 15 or so websites (including this one) were physically relocated to servers located at a different provider, as physical as data files can be... 

Not my choice of service provider.

There were many operational problems right from the start. I worked through them. Recently I discovered very serious issues with the new ISP's mail servers. Their registration security certificates were bogus. Microsoft Outlook posted security warnings every time I accessed email. Then I discovered the SMTP server would not pass any email that was a "threaded" response. I was forced to switch to a SMTP server in the AWS cloud, to which I have access.

That was the last I wanted to deal with issues from the provider. This move would have been invisible except I made a change in the W5EHS URL.

I had the website installed in a sub directory of the domain "tedatum.com" but now it is back into it's own URL (htttp://w5ehs.com).

Since you are reading this, make a new bookmark on your browser and capture the new URL. You may have to delete the old bookmark first.

Thanks for the contact! QSL?

Trying a New Mode

Screenshot 2018 08 03 09.59.42I recently started using a new digital mode on HF bands. It's called FT8 and is intended for weak signal contact verification.

In my opinion it is not a human communication experience. The only purpose is to establish that two amateur radio stations (not operators) were able to exchange a verified minimal exchange of station call signs and minimal report data such as location code and signal strength. I have yet to see the operator name included in the exchange.

The human effort amounts to a mouse-click on a call sign on the video screen and then lean back to watch and wait.

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Found Something Extra

Extra Study GuideFound this in my mailbox. I must have ordered it. Yeah, I think I did. Getting old...

Ha! Just kidding. I am only as old as I want to believe. 

I was thinking of an aniversary coming up next year. Fifty years as an amateur radio operator and station owner. It about time I do something Extra. To me that means qualify for the Extra Class amateur radio ticket. It's only a 50 question exam these days.

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