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The ApolLO Has Landed

ApolLOrevAI received my ApolLO local oscillator board yesterday. Now my DEMI transverter kit is complete. As you can see it is complete and ready for use. It will be built into the L28-144 enclosure.


DSC05943I received my converter kit from Down East Microwave, Inc. yesterday. As you can see in the picture it is labelled L144-28INAC. Unfortunately I ordered a L144-28IACK. The difference is the IACK includes the ApolLO synthesizer which is NOT in the kit shown here. I admit I don't completely understand the meaning of the DEMI suffix codes.

The instructions on how to install the ApolLO into the converter are in the package. The ApolLO is pre assembled so it is certainly packaged in a separate component bag.

I had a concern that perhaps the labels were switched between two orders and another ham received the IACK package.

An overnight returned email from DEMI confirms it was a shipping error and the ApolLO is already on its way. No big deal. I am not in immediate need. I do like to make sure I receive my complete order.

I operate a small mail order business myself and have personally made errors such as this one. The annoyance is usually overcome by my immediate action to make a correction. Shit happens. It's how fast you change the diaper that restores contentment.

Thanks to positive action from Sandra, DEMI is NOT on my "S" list... :)


DSC05891 I am playing with options for a 10 MHz standard and stable frequency reference for the microwave build. There is quite a range of options. One thing there isn’t is an off the shelf, reasonably priced and easy to use portable standard. That’s a lot of requirements in one sentence.

Now if I could just find some cesium, I could build the ultimate atomic standard. NOT! The closest is a rubidium gas frequency standard, but it has faults (high current, long warmup) as far as being easily portable. Very popular today is using a GPS receiver to stabilize a more earthly standard. But GPS needs to have a location for its antenna to see the sky and hear the satellites.

 57I decided to home my efforts to a heated oven (temperature) controlled crystal oscillator OCXO. It takes a while to warm up and stabilize but it is portable. I have ordered several OCXO modules from EBay. These items are not plug and play, but can be the basis for building what I need. The first one I have in hand is shown in the first picture and I just saw another one in the NTMS reflector that I ordered today, 2nd picture. It may be a month away as it is sourced from China.

All subject to change of course, as I have not started any construction. I just like the planning as much as the doing, and throwing my ideas on the table for review.

UPDATE: The second OCXO was shipped the same day it was ordered... on potentially the slow boat from China. Results can vary, but I'll post a note when it arrives. I also received notice that my DEMI L144-28IACK shipped today from Florida.