Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

QEX291QEX July/August 2015 just arrived in my ham shack. WOW! It sure has changed. A larger layout < 8 x 11 and only 45 pages. Very thin. The contents appear to be as good and technical as before but the advertising is rather light. Still looks like a good cutting edge technical journal. The first editorial on page 2 explains why the paper and even the cover of QEX has become so thin. It's all about economics. QEX is struggling to stay in print. The previous issue explained the financial reasons, but I haven’t read that issue.

Right on the cover is a subject of interest to me. A stable VFO which at first inspection looks like it can be a good basis for building a 10 MHz frequency standard for my microwave system. If stabilized with GPS it will indicate its location with a GPS information and accurate time in UTC.

I am glad I came back to QEX before it gets lost. Hopefully it will continue to exist as a digital publication and not just go away. I prefer reading the hard copy but I have adjusted to other low volume publications that were forced to go digital or die. The nice thing about digital is it can be searched and hyper-linked and parts of it like schematics can be printed out for actual shop use.