Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

Future Ham Shack?

Two expensive Ten-Tec transceivers blown up buy lightning strikes. Antennas switched off but not disconnected. Texas is thunderstorm-alley and subject to more tornadoes than only other USA state. Lesson sadly learned. Total antenna feed disconnect is the only safe way to get past a storm without damage.

The HOA here is run by the East German Stasi with neighbor reporting on neighbor. Things like a clothes line inside a roofed rear back porch. Yes, really. We got official cease and desist from the Stasi HOA for towels on the line. Threat of a fine.

If I ever get the chance to move, it won’t be to another Stasi run HOA. It will be to land where I can raise antennas with impunity. 

So I haven’t rebuilt my station. My first plan was to build a new “shack” area in the garage. Near the power panel and good outside grounding. No windows in the garage and the overhead door faces the street. No HVAC (heating/cooling system).

The garage is my workshop as here in Texas there are no basements. A layer of Kiamichi clays and solid  Austin chalk begins only a few feet under the top soil. So there are almost no underground residential basements in North Texas.. 

I am sure the Stasi spies will take exception to Amateur Radio “sounds” emanating into the streets from an open garage door.. I would have to operate constantly with headphones.

A real garden shed “ham shack” in the back yard with HVAC would never pass the Stasi “architect” review committee. 

The fact is I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

So radio hobby activities have been put on the back burner after more than 50 years of activity. I need to operate from home as progressive peripheral neuropathy has severely limited my ability to walk. 

The effort required for remote setup and temporary operation is out of the realm of reality.  I need a permanent fixed location where I can go to, and sit down.

A corner in the garage as mentioned above, seems to be my best solution for a station in this home. I need to remove a small CNC milling machine to make room. 

I have a glimmer of a plan.