Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

htx 100I have done some checking and this weekend I plan to have the basic converter ordered that will allow me to get to a 144 MHz 2nd IF conversion from 28 MHz first stage transceiver. I don't have an all mode 2M transceiver. (More about that.) What I presently own is a HTX-100 10 meter only transceiver shown here on top of my Omni VII. It is one option I could use. What I definately need to get is a converter up to a low level 2 meter IF.

10MHz Standard Required

I have studied some of the super stable oscillators with rubidium and GPS locks mentioned in the previous post. I may get there with a bench standard or home station. The local ops and my friend KB8VAO in Ohio don't go to that extreme for portable operation, or need to... Neither do I for now. I will probably build an IsoTemp 10 MHz TCXO and plan on a compensated (GPS?) version later.

A high stability 10 MHz standard is required to feed converters to get to the microwave bands. My plan is to use the single standard to also stabilize the first stage equipment.

Premium Front End

I now have obtained a FLEX-1500 SDR (Software Defined Radio) front end with the superior software display of all signals in a wide bandwidth. Inaudible signals can be seen in the displays. SDRs do this with ease but are only designed for HF  through 6 meters (1.8 - 54 Mhz.) I need to find a suitable laptop before I can use the SDR in rover operation. I have just ordered a Down East Microwave L144-28IAC coverter.

So far this has been all talk and no show. Blogging it here will motivate my taking action! Ha!

Looking ahead, my next step will be building a 10 MHz standard for portable operation. Many more options there. Ahhh… I love the design engineering part and getting the plan to come together, my way.