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There is a problem with retirement. Too many irons in the fire. Before retirement I used to think of all the time there would be to do the enjoyable things. But then discovered the number of hours in a day haven't changed. Tthe speed at which they progress seems to have increased.

Of course the real problem is there as so many things that I really like to do. My brain may be able to multi-task but this aging body still operates in a single track mode. That means I have to switch tracks to run in a different direction.

Micro wave radio projects are piling up around me that need doing. The materials are on hand and there is a clear work path. Just have not dedicated the time.

My ideal plan is to not get frustrated. That is not something fun to deal with in retirement. Being the person in control, it's easy to recognise who is the source of the problem, It's me! I still enjoy the things that are not started. They are there waiting  for me, and that is far better than not having anything to look forward to doing.

Ah, it's just the way it is with life in the slow lane...

Ham Call Sign Ring

DSC06405One of my interests is lost wax casting in silver. I can cast several other metals as well, but silver has been my favorite.

In the picture is a ring made with my amateur radio station call sign. You all know we identify personally with our calls.

My first call sign ring shown below was as big and gaudy as it could made. It is a success but is a bit uncomfortable to wear. It is too wide. This new one wears on the finger much better.

If any of my ham friends are interested in a personal design made by me, let me know. Each one is a one of a kind as the wax master goes away. The “lost” in lost wax casting.

Something like this small ring would be in the $50.00 price range. More complex like the fun skull ring shown would be higher. I made that for my adult son and it is the mascot for a band where he is the drummer.

Lead time varies. Let me know if you would like something special handcrafted for you.

DSC05339 DSC05340
Just about as wide as my finger can handle Those are radio waves on the underside.
DSC05527 DSC06402
It's called Chin's Mojo. My son's band ring. The "reasonable" call sign ring, Ha!

A Little Bit in Limbo

I have been dragging my feet on my microwave project. The first conversion board is on hand (28MHz - 144MHz) but haven't started assembly. Still gathering other components such as a power supply and a case for the master 10MHz stable oscillator.

A good excuse has been my workshop workspace has been occupied with doing lost wax detail finish work. A bit lame for an excuse, but it would mean stop doing that work until I finish the conversion board. Now considering creating a new electronic workbench space here in my home office where I am closer to the ham shack equipment. Yet another sub-project. My plan is to enjoy the process until I reach the goal.

The local NTMS crew has been busy doing microwave stuff. I am on the mailing list so privy to the conversation stream. Recent concerns with a few of the MW beacons being off the air. Trips to the sites going on, etc. Makes me anxious to have something up that I can go listen for them.