Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

broken link bigI have started to add links to the left hand column of this web page. The first are other (but not all) web sites I currently publish. They contain my personal interests. Those interests are fairly broad but are mostly hobby activities.

The next block contains links to amateur radio clubs where I have been active. I will add links to other non-commercial ham radio sites. You might argue the ARRL is commercial but I make the decisions around here. Ha!

The next block down is definitely links with a commercial intent. Tons of good free info but they also sell stuff we need. If I haven't bought from them myself, I have seen enough reference to them to think they are reliable. Some are small cottage type operations, much like what I do. But always – Caveat Emptor, I make no endorsement by listing here.

Some of the sites including my own are rather old. Unfortunately the ones I don't manage contain substantial amounts of broken links. That is always a risk when linking to material and websites where the publisher has no control. It is almost impossible to constantly police large sites and make sure everything keeps working. Commercial sites pay a staff to police content for bad links or simply just don't link to information they don't control.

Hobbyist and very small business just do their thing sharing information. Some sites are obviously non professional so we cut them some slack on maintenance. I am pleased they share and they are a valuable resource.

If this website ever goes commercial, like I offer to sell something, I will have a commercial policy page on site. I have a page that states everything I post on site is for informational use only. I don't represent myself as and expert or perfect.

The links will be added to or deleted and more categories added. I may even change locations on pages. Let me know when you find something broken. Just be nice… <grin>