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Netbook Improvements

DSC05869In the SDR tab you will read that I have upgraded my ASUS Eee PC1005HAB “Netbook” computer from WIN 7 Starter to Windows 10. I posted an article in Ramblin' Dan on the change. No need to repeat it here. Follow the link.

I also found a small registry change that allows my little netbook to have a much higher screen resolution from the original and mostly inadequate 1024 x 600. The new 1024 x 768 actually looks good on the screen but is slightly "squished". I assume the physical screen matrix actually is 1024 x 600 so that was set as the limit in design. Perhaps 600 vertical is a spec to qualify (?) as a netbook.

There is also now 1152 x 864 available but the screen display is even more “squished”. I'll probably never use it.

My plan is to stay at the original 1024 x 600 and jump to the 768 when I need to read something long on the screen. The FLEX-1500 display is what drove me to make the change. Here is a link to the FlexRadio suggested modification. Only the registry edit would work on my netbook. (second option). Use at your own risk (minimal) as you are meddling with the registry. Not a problem for a true hacker…

There are several other hacks for optimizing a windows PC for use with FlexRadio Systems from the link provided above. Look around while you are there and you may find other computer tweaks that may interest you. All at your own risk of course...