Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

There is a problem with retirement. Too many irons in the fire. Before retirement I used to think of all the time there would be to do the enjoyable things. But then discovered the number of hours in a day haven't changed. Tthe speed at which they progress seems to have increased.

Of course the real problem is there as so many things that I really like to do. My brain may be able to multi-task but this aging body still operates in a single track mode. That means I have to switch tracks to run in a different direction.

Micro wave radio projects are piling up around me that need doing. The materials are on hand and there is a clear work path. Just have not dedicated the time.

My ideal plan is to not get frustrated. That is not something fun to deal with in retirement. Being the person in control, it's easy to recognise who is the source of the problem, It's me! I still enjoy the things that are not started. They are there waiting  for me, and that is far better than not having anything to look forward to doing.

Ah, it's just the way it is with life in the slow lane...