Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

W5EHS has been re-located to a new web-server. It's invisible to the user (you). We have moved from a server on the East Coast of the USA to one (or more) on the West Coast.

About a year ago there was a hostile takeover (at least in my mind as one of the clients) of my original ISP web-account (servers in Ohio). All my 15 or so websites (including this one) were physically relocated to servers located at a different provider, as physical as data files can be... 

Not my choice of service provider.


There were many operational problems right from the start. I worked through them. Recently I discovered very serious issues with the new ISP's mail servers. Their registration security certificates were bogus. Microsoft Outlook posted security warnings every time I accessed email. Then I discovered the SMTP server would not pass any email that was a "threaded" response. I was forced to switch to a SMTP server in the AWS cloud, to which I have access.

That was the last I wanted to deal with issues from the provider. This move would have been invisible except I made a change in the W5EHS URL.

I had the website installed in a sub directory of the domain "" but now it is back into it's own URL (htttp://

Since you are reading this, make a new bookmark on your browser and capture the new URL. You may have to delete the old bookmark first.

Update: Nov, 2019

Had to move again. This time no change to the URL or user experience with this website. Again, another WebHost total move. No problems like the last time. The host was just having too much down time and then suddenly all my websites went totally off-ine for a period of over 30 hours with no explaination for at least the first 8 hours. It was a total server crash. OBVIOUSLY, there was no system recovery plan with this host. They had backup file saves, but no redundantcy to which they could switch. Bummer.

I found a faster host at a much lower cost, so it was a no-brainer (but a lot of work) to move all my websites again. Now done, all seems well with the new "digs". Hoping it stays that way... Ha! I don't want this to become a yearly necessity.


Thanks for the contact! QSL?