Amateur Radio Station: W5EHS - FCC Licensed Owner/Operator: Dan Kautz

I have been dragging my feet on my microwave project. The first conversion board is on hand (28MHz - 144MHz) but haven't started assembly. Still gathering other components such as a power supply and a case for the master 10MHz stable oscillator.

A good excuse has been my workshop workspace has been occupied with doing lost wax detail finish work. A bit lame for an excuse, but it would mean stop doing that work until I finish the conversion board. Now considering creating a new electronic workbench space here in my home office where I am closer to the ham shack equipment. Yet another sub-project. My plan is to enjoy the process until I reach the goal.

The local NTMS crew has been busy doing microwave stuff. I am on the mailing list so privy to the conversation stream. Recent concerns with a few of the MW beacons being off the air. Trips to the sites going on, etc. Makes me anxious to have something up that I can go listen for them.