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bugs carotteMy highest interest at this point in over 45 years of amateur radio is in microwaves. I already know I can talk anywhere in the world on the HF bands. But talking is not my primary interest with amateur radio. I am more the techie guy who likes to create the equipment and make the hardware work.

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DSC05821I am a FCC licensed Amateur Radio operator since 1969. I have held the call signs WN8EHS, WB8EHS, W8EHS and currently hold W5EHS. Only the five (5) call W5EHS is active.

I was first licensed as a novice (WN8EHS) in 1969 in Boardman, Ohio. Special thanks to John Petrek, W8BNO (SK) who gave me my Novice test.

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A New Blog

Definately a work in progress (WIP) this will be the location for all my activities in Amateur Radio and electronics experimemtaion. This is the first entry so there will be a lot more publishing coming.

I create and manage many websites and blogs. I have always combined my amateur radio activities into my other web publications. Here I have started a new web location where I will concentrate solely on my many activities in Amateur Radio, electronic construction projects and embeded computer applications.

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